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Case Management - Quantum Medicine

For case managenent I have to talk to the patient or a deputy. You know better which case.

Cure of patients outpatient and outside.

Suicides - Jail
  • Suicide patients with self-destruction in the heat of the moment.
  • Prager Fenstersturz Syndrome.
Märtyrer - Knast
  • Patients who schedule their dead.
  • Corona-Toter.
  • Sleeper.
Amok - Quantum Palliativ Medicine
  • Malaria patients show off only for a few seconds.
  • Pandemie treatment only on the way.
Ikarus - Quantum Intensive Medicine
  • Revenge patients who react later as soon as they realized what happened.
  • Dengue MS-multiple sclerosis patients.
  • Treatment of as much diseases you have (max 20), including 24h care (later remote), including difficulties like heart attack, stroke.
  • Kreuzfeld Jakob with 20 different treatments (2 weeks care).
Waiting - Quantum Neonatologie
  • Muskeldystrophie patients who are still all right and wait that it get's better.
  • You do immediately furore instead call for help.
  • Families, children, newborn.
  • Systemic (family, mobbing, abuse).
  • Groups (up to 20 people).
  • Companies on-site.
  • Epilepsy only during stop so I can see seizures.
Pain - Quantum Medicine
  • Lepra patients after waiting it get's worse, there are aching wounds.
  • F-MS-INCIDENZ=7000-roter Pilz=abwechselnd(Rheuma+Fibromyalgie+Wundstarrkrampf+Schuppenflechte)
  • All Quantum methods, 10 treatments drug free, 1 day care.
  • Pain patients only during stop. I need minimum 10 min face-to-face to find out which kind of ache.
Allergy - Quantum Medicine
  • Chronic patients who did minimum 5 medical checks or any treatment in different hospitals... not much changed.
  • MKV-INCIDENZ=8000-brown Pilz=not normal(erethrozyten+lymphozyten+thrombozyten+teeth inlays)
  • 1 hour one-to-one interview, all Quantum methods, 20 treatments drug free, 1 day care.
Drugs - Quantum Medicine
  • Needs patients who take sth and need update or storage.
  • One-time treatment for each drug using methods of Quantum Medicine.

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