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ICD - Quantum Medicine

For medical treatment according to ICD I use encephal skills, Art Therapie or methods of Quantum Medicine.
Names of diseases:
  • Heart rhythm - ICD-5-EKG

    e.g. s=22-atrial fibrillation

  • Health ICD-7-RKI (G3+)

    e.g. INZIDENZ=300-Gonorrhea

    e.g. INZIDENZ=40000-Criminal intent

  • Corona-Virus ICD-12-WHO

    e.g. B.1.617.2-Indish Corona-Virus δ

  • Immune answer diagnosis - ICD-13-KBO

    e.g. P.21-Ikarus2

  • Behavioral disorders - ICD-14-HBN

    e.g. R=1-Boreliose

  • Allergy ICD-10-GM - ICD-15-AZH

    e.g. M21.5-EX7-Baumallergie Esche akut

  • Energetic terminal points - ICD-17-ETD (SRZH)

    e.g. L=1-Long-Covid-Leprosity nose

    e.g. L=48-Cancer uterine tube

  • Art Therapie - ICD-18-MRI

    e.g. V=3-Progressive memory loss

  • Breeth odor - ICD-22-MCD

    e.g. K=11-Becket

  • Needs - ICD-24-DMP

    e.g. do=40-Needs for Epilepsy medicine

    e.g. do=14-Sudden need for Devibrilator

  • Pocks ICD-33-JOD

    e.g. kl=20-cervical plug

  • Mood ICD-i7-Muh

    e.g. guk=7000-severe disability due to cerebral degeneration caused by Morbus Chron

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