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Methods - Quantum Medicine


  • Diagnostics using eye movements.
  • Diagnostics based on monoclonal stem cells.
  • Diagnostics based on encephalic metaphorical views.
  • Diagnostics based on painted quantum pictures of encephalic metaphorical views.
  • Brain screening (read out of endogeneous quantum memory cells).
  • Conversation diagnostics (behaviour, food, beverage, joyes, paintings, photos, garden).
  • Diagnosis and treatements can be done without any word from the patient.


  • Cure of most of the findings within few minutes using different non-atomic body's own medications or activation of endogenous active substances by use of instructions represented in encephalic-language, noise, paintings as well as medication based on programming and delivery of quantum memory cells.
  • Organic medications as of stable zero-speed elementary particles (e.g. neutrinos, bosons, positrons, graviton, pure time particles, warp, anti-proton), quantum-liquids, quantum-raks, quantum-modules or Anti-matter are applied as one single particle.
  • Organic medications based on accelarated elementary particles (as of neutrino, anti-proton) are applied as one single particle.
  • Organic medications as of stable super heavy elements (1xx - 1xxx) are applied as fog, smoke, black-hole photon-radiator or as body component.
  • Curement by use of gene repair.
  • Curement by discharge using quantum modules.
  • Diagnosis of allergy and curement based on food chain as well as metaphoric views.
  • Diagnosis of Brest cancer, cercical cancer (woman, man) and curement using gravitational waves.
  • Diagnosis of COVID-syndromes and curement using black-hole-photon radiators.

Scope of treatment

  • Any medication is applied only one time.
  • There is not any application of pharmaceutical products.
  • Medications are never applied to human body.
  • Treatements are always done without any physical contact to the patient.
  • Black-hole-photon-radiators with wave-lengths shorter than x-ray light are applied only a few seconds.
  • Multiple syndroms can continue after each treatment which requires a further treatement (e.g. for Multiple Myeloma at another organ).
  • So. fit to work stays unchanged during treatements.
  • So. fit to drive stays unchanged during treatements.
  • For radiating patients: diagnosis and treatements can be done from a distance of up to 10m.


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