Andreas Tüchler

    Parkstrasse 11, 85356 Freising
  +49 171 / 7500893
  • Expert with the principals of time, formation of reality, higher-dimensional matter, elementary particles, quanta.
  • Expert in higher-dimensional brain functions, encephalic language, higher-dimensional communication and higher-dimensional disease-life-forms.
  • Expert in diagnostics using eye movements, genes as well as metaphorical views (endogenous as wells as by use of Art therapy) and conversation diagnostics.
  • Expert in diagnostics and treatment according to ICD-5, ICD-11.
  • Expert in development of methods of Quantum Medicine for curement of more than 250 different (some were inncurable so far) diseases in most of the medical specialities.
  • Demonstrated working history in Quantum Medicine of more than 10000 diagnosis and treatments which are 6000 one-time treatments of 6000 patients from surrounding hospitals at public places for 9 months and 4000 different diagnosis and treatments of about 200 patients within inpatient accommodation at two different suicides hospital wards for 7 months using elementary particles, warp, quantum-liquids, quantum-raks, super heavy elements (1xx - 1xxx) applied as photon-radiators or body components, Anti-matter, gravitational waves and gene repair, art therapy.
  • English - fluent (spoken and written)
  • Spanish - good working knowledge


  • Curement of patients by means of Quantum Medicine 2018-2021
  • Research of encephalic language, development of methods for curement of more than 250 diseases based on non-atomic matter 2019
  • Position: ASIC Design Engineer - Max Planck Institut Garching Extraterrestric-Development of X-ray satellite sensor 2016-2017
  • Research of principles of time and non-atomic brain functions 2014
  • Course: NLP Master Business - Inntal Institut 2013
  • Course: NLP Master Therapy - Inntal Institut 2012
  • Course: NLP Practitioner Cotrainer - DANLP 2012
  • Position: Digital-Mixed-Signal Design Engineer - Development of Automotive-ASICs, Infineon ATV, Villach 2011-2013
  • Study: Dipl. Ing. Elektrotechnik-Hochfrequenztechnik FH-München 2006-2008
  • Position: Senior ASIC Design Engineer - Development of Siematic-ASICs, Siemens AS, Amberg 2005-2010
  • Course: Tiefen- und Gestaltpädagogik - Kairos 2004-2006
  • Course: NLP Practitioner - DANLP 2003
  • Position: Development Engineer - Development of Display-ASICs for Smartphones, Philips Semiconductors, Böblingen 2002-2005
  • Position: IC Design Engineer - Development of CCD-Sensor-ASIC, Development of quadrant regulator ASIC for communication satellite, National Semiconductor, Fürstenfeldbruck 2000-2002
  • Study: Dipl. Ing. Elektrotechnik-Mikroelektronik FH-Nürnberg 1992-2000
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